8 Practices of Effective Executives (Infographic)

Discover how these simple practices can improve executive effectiveness.

Peter Drucker’s The Effective Executive is one of the best-written books on leadership and management of all time. In fact, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos made it a must for his top executives to read this book. Published in 1967, this book focuses on how to develop your own capabilities as a leader by getting “the right things done”, at the right time and in the right way. His wisdom, which often contradict conventional ideas, is still fresh and relevant today, almost 50 years later.

Here are the 8 things Drucker highlighted. The first two gave the executive the knowledge they need to do what needs to be done. The subsequent four convert these knowledge into action plans. The last two ensured that the organisation felt responsible and accountable together. 


Last but not least, Drucker listed a rule which is of utmost importance – Listen First, and Speak Last. Great leaders often knew how to listen, and when they spoke, it was usually after accumulating enough information and asking enough questions. Not everyone is born to be an effective leader, but like any discipline, effectiveness can be developed with training and experience – in fact, they need to be.


24th November 2016