Who We Are

Employing Common Sense for Performance
Management Team
David Lo BSc(Hons)
Principal | Mathematician

David is a mathematician by training. He applies mathematical modelling and scientific approaches to brand marketing, business strategy and employee hiring and sustainable performance for businesses big and small.

He has held senior positions in marketing, sales and general management with international MNCs and in Malaysia. David was a consultant to major corporations in the USA, China, Sweden, Australia, Malaysia and Philippines.

Today, having helped turned around businesses and assisted in the listing of two major companies, he shares his wide range of experiences with his mentees whose ages range from early 20’s to late 40’s.

David is co-founder of Momentum-Assessor, a mathematically based performance tool, to help businesses avoid costly hiring mistakes.

Prof Ronan Reilly PhD
Lead Research Cognitive Scientist

Ronan Reilly is a Professor of Computer Studies and Dean of International and Graduate Studies at the National University of Ireland Maynooth (NUIM). His main research interests are in the areas of visual perception and language understanding.

His interest in vision research primarily relates to eye movement control in reading, which also conveniently combines a language dimension. His research in this area involves data collection using an eye tracking system, and the computational modeling of these data. More recently he has started to look at the application of my reading model to web usability analysis. Within the language area, he has a specific interest in alternatives to the currently dominant nativist accounts of language acquisition, which is also underpinned by computational modelling.

Cognitive Science Team
Leo Lim BSc (Hons)
Client On-boarding Manager
Cindy Tan BSc (Hons)
Client Success Executive
Y. M. Liow BSc (Hons)
Client Success Executive
Wynnie Ooi BSc (Hons)
Client Success Executive
About Us

Research has consistently shown that the most reliable predictor of performance at work is the multiplicative result of cognitive ability and motivation. Traditionally used methods in recruitment such as CV’s, referees and interviews have also been proven to be poor lead indicators of future work performance.

Melia Anggun Sdn Bhd has developed a cloud solution, Momentum-Assessor (M-A), based on modern cognitive science using computational linguistic techniques that enables employers to assess employees on common sense and motivation.

Performance = Common Sense x Motivation


The Science

Momentum-Assessor is simple fast and deadly accurate to use. Purposely kept away from you are complex cognitive science, advanced mathematics and machine learning methods. Our team of cognitive scientists led by Prof Ronan Reilly* ensures HR keeps up with the latest innovation in brain and behavioural science.
*Computational linguistics, National University of Ireland, Maynooth