Agribusiness Group


Analysis of an agribusiness group of companies’ operation managers performance and set ideal recruitment profile for group.

Business Problem

Momentum Assessor (M-A) assessment identified some respondents that need positive intervention.

Heat Map Study and Recruitment

A performance heat map study of employees was commissioned to determine how effectively the assessment predicted respondents’ job performance and to assist them in recruitment. Career development assistance program has been put in place for the group and ideal recruitment profile has been set for various job positions.

Momentum is used to screen for recruitment.


Company Performance Heat Map is usually ideal to start for businesses before deciding which Momentum engagement plan to proceed.

Let Momentum Assessor help you to decide who to hire. It starts with setting your Ideal Criteria for the job position, and candidates will be invited to do assessment. You will have your best match.

These are essential for long term employee engagement. You have the options to choose from 2-Dimensional, 3-Dimensional, or 4-Dimensional insights to your employees’ mindset.


1st July 2015