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Your People Motivation Is Our Mission. Why?

Because, from our data we are confident to say that at least 33% of your employees are demotivated at this point in time. You are leaking a third of your people power. In fact, this is dragging you backwards right now! Climate and Satisfaction surveys are not able to tell you this. They are designed for rational conscious feedback and not hidden emotional unhappiness and anger. We know because our clients tell us so. But MomentumAssessor with its unique AI and indirect approach can. We have assessed over 200 clients across 20 industries and 10,000+ employees. Testimonies from our clients, very large to tiny, attest to this.  The question is how to fix this?

There are 4 key elements when optimized primes you for  10x growth.

We have the unique and tested tools and expertise to unpack the elements of demotivation and their analytics. For your leadership teams we visualise and quantify in one organizational chart where the problems are and answer why. They can get a wholistic overview as well as a drill down to teams and individuals. Our team of consultants and coaches offer focused workshops for your whole team or selected indivuals on how to  prime your people for 10x business growth.

Our Approach


Get this formula right with your people and your business is primed for 10x growth. We are the only one in the industry who can measure Common Sense and Motivation and give clients practical working solutions to optimize their people for performance. Can Common Sense be acquired? Absolutely. Can people be Motivated? We show you how. 

Your business growth lies in this formula. Because Motivation is the Multiplier of Performance. Up it by 10% your performance goes up by 10%! But what drives Motivation? Here’s an critical insight we will share with you.

Only when an employee has Common Sense on what is expected can he/she be Empowered. Otherwise the employee is continuosly confused and dis-empowered (with decisions “floating” back and forth  to bosses, committees and subordinates).

Empowerment is the driver of Motivation. Without Empowerment employees become Demotivated and Angry. We can tell from our analytics with 100% accuracy whenever this falls below a threshold you are going to lose this employee!

Motivation then drives Action/Attitude which gives you desired outcomes. 

This is why motivational team building offsite programs fail! Employees are hyped up for 4 days and return to work all pumped up only to find nothing has changed resulting in more demotivation.

Our unique approach feeds into Leadership Succession and Pipeline, Recruiting right, building Champion “A” Teams and makes everyone matter!

We are absolutely confident of our results. Your Money back if Not Satisfied.

Our Values

Every Employee Matters

You have hired them. They have costs and family commitments. For those who are unhappy with their jobs we have the knowhow for you to make them happier, more productive and motivated. In current roles or find roles that fit an employee better.

Fact Based With A Heart

We follow a science and fact based approach in designing our methods, analysis and conclusions. Insights and subjective considerations must be underpinned by logic, client's observations and our experience. And most importantly, with understanding and empathy.

Your Satisfaction Guarantee

We have absolute confidence in delivering the results you expected. Our top consultants have been practicing senior executives and know people insights, businesses large and small, across 20+ industries. No fees charged if you are not satisfied. We guarantee our performance.

Get To Know Us Better


With over 17 years of strategic work for clients in Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia, Gaston is both strategist and people energizer. Gaston has consulted to MNCs spanning FMCG, Telco’s, Ecommerce, Retail and more. His value to clients is simple: Identify the 10% of what drives 90% of results in a business. Gaston is a Certified Trainer.


Fareed was trained as a lawyer and held management positions in industries such as Investment Banking, Media, IT, Manufacturing, Education, Government, Training and Coaching. He is a certified trainer and an executive coach with a keen insight in identifying nuggets and gems in people for performance.


Leandre is the great empathiser. She knows what’s it like to work at check-out counters and filling shelves. She is also a whiz in fiber optic splicing!  She knows the secret of grit, the foundation of success, and can’t wait to share it with your team. Leandre supports you in the backend systems and performing analytics of MomentumAssessor 


David has wealth of corporate management and consulting experiences of over 1000 busineses in 5 continents. A strategist at heart David has been instrumental in designing the MomentumAssessor platform. His motto is “Everyone Matters” and is able to see better potential in everyone by understanding their make-up and hitting the right triggers.

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