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Common Sense

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Common Sense

hire for Common sense & attitude

MomentumAssessor uses science based natural language AI to prescreen candidates for job fit based on the role. We give you the top 25% candidates to interview. Highly accurate. Saves time. Practical. We constantly beat online recruiters, expensive agencies and internal selection. We help you Hire on Attitude. Train for Common Sense.

10x Your People Power

One third of your employees are demotivated right now. That’s the norm we found in 200 clients and 10,000 employees. This means you are leaking 33% people power. It’s dragging your business backwards. Our method and tools identify who are demotivated, who are engaged, and who are just going along with the flow. And Why. And how to Fix.

embedding Performance

With factual diagnostics and causal insights of your team our workshops are high impact. Attendees learn how to “Shape their Minds” and optimise their Emotions for Common Sense thinking and Self Actualization. Once learnt, Performance follows. Resignations decline. Leadership pipeline fills up. Teams become Champion Teams.

MA Xpress Job Fit

MA Xpress (MAX) offers you a convenient self-managed recruitment preinterview screening app for clients. It is designed for lower level candidates. Job criteria fit for assessment is predone for you in the system. Reports are crisp and practical. Go or No Go. With customised interview guides.

MAPA Job Fit

MomentumAssessor | Personality Assessor (MAPA) is a bespoke candidate selection service for middle to senior hires. To date, it has helped select CEO's, COO's and Leadership Pipleline candidates (juniors to seniors) in banking, manufacturing, ecommerce to name a few.

Bespoke Interviews

Our highly experienced consultants participate in high priority candidate interviews with the client. MAPA diagnostics gives the consultant an "Xray" view of candidates uncovering vital insights normally missed by interviewers. Proven many times to have saved cost of wrong hire and value of great hires.

Working With Clients From A Wide Variety Of Industries & Cultures

Over the past 6 years we have worked with clients across 20 industries. Our consultants have worked or consulted regionally as well as in Europe and USA. Currently, our focus is on the ASEAN countries where our AI technology of computing natural language gives clients the choice of vernacular languages. In Malaysia alone we can handle free-form input of respondents in BM, Mandarin (both scripts) and English. Also available in Vietnamese, Tagalog and Bahasa Indonesia.

there is no fee charged if we fail to meet your expectations

Why are we so bold? Because our expertise, methods and technology have always delivered. We know we surpass online recruitment services, agencies, internal client resources and many competing methodologies in accuracy and quality. That’s why we gurantee our value to you as per your expectations.

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