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Our Motivational services helps companies build, grow, and improve performance

We specialize in moving your business forwards through helping your people stay motivated and emotionally strong.

MomentumAssessor system does this by helping you hire right, build A-Teams and fill leadership pipelines.

Below are 6 services to kick off growth momentum in your business!

Hire Juniors Who:
1. Has Right Attitude
2. Can Learn Fast &
3. Fit the job

MA xpress Job fit

When hiring juniors you cannot rely on their experience/track record to hit the ground running because they have little. What you want are candidates who have the right attitude, can learn fast and fit the job. MA Xpress (MAX for short) is designed to do this for you.

Before using MAX our clients experience more misses than hits!  After using MAX, a client has this to say, “It’s focused, practical and spot on, with no time wasted. I highly recommend business leaders to test it out for themselves!”

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MAPA Job Fit

3 costly mistakes people make in hiring executives you can avoid:
1. Candidate has the right experience, track record & references
Research shows these  are necessary but poor predictors of performance in a new job.
2. Has personality type to fit the role
What happens when she progresses to a role that the personality type no longer fits?
3. Fits our “Culture” perfectly!
If you recruit “to cultural fit” then your culture stays unrefreshed to generational change.

Our clients now look for Emotional Maturity, Ability To Adapt & Self Actualising which are better predictors of performance, role progression & cultural fit. This is the big difference MAPA delivers.

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Hire For Ability To Lead:
1. Fill Leadership Pipeline
2. AbilityTo Fit Multiple Roles
3. Deliver Immediate Impact

What You Hear
May Not Be
What You Get!

Bespoke Interviews

3 bad hires made when we said no to clients & how not to fall into this trap:
1. Candidate for COO has right experience credentials. Client impressed and hired. Created havoc! And fired after 4 weeks. 
2. Candidate for business head said the right things. Client hired. But can’t deliver. Reassigned to lesser role.
3. Candidate for NPD role wowed client with lots of creative ideas. Turned out to be just thought bubbles without strategy. Fired after 2 months.

It is hard to “get under the hood” of a candidate. MAPA diagnostics is like an Xray that allow us in a joint interview with you that gets to the “reality” of a candidate. 

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Forward Momentum

3 common mistakes leaders make in motivating employees you can avoid:
1. Hire a motivation agency for offsite team building
Employees come back with a “high” only to be more demotivated when reality sets in.
2. More townhall briefings by CEO & top teams.
Forgotten soon after.
3. More leadership & management programmes
If this works why are we still talking about it?

None of these work because there are 2 things to fix first before motivation gets activated. Growth is powered by motivated A-Teams. We show you how. 

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Motivation is your growth fuel

Hire for attitude
train on skills

Training Public & Client

3 failure points in training we help you avoid (apart from content):
1. Lack of personal value to be gained (What I can own)
2. No competency confirmation
3. Lack of post training follow-up

Our training starts with individual participants receiving MAPA reports on how they are coping in Life, Work & Self-esteem. This motivates participants to discover more as there is a lot of self improvenment value to be gained and “own”. In delivery, we test for competence to ensure what is learnt is practiced. Post training we have Success Coaches programs to help practice in the workplace.

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Human Firewall Program

80% of hacking is still due to employees being tricked. Do any of your employees ..
1. Use public wifi cafes, hotels, airports
2. Download cracks to save on paid software
3. Use simple passwords like Company2022
4. Use company emails in social media
5. Agree to T&C of apps without checking with IT Security 
And many more vulnerable behaviors.

This shows 80% of cybersecurity oversight & leadership rests with the HR department because it is a people issue not tech!

Our Human Firewall Workshop transforms employees across the organization to be Cyber Vigilantes. This unique program truly engages the employees to become the Human Firewall for the organization.

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Cybersecurity Is 80% Human Behavior Issue. Not Tech!

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