Not Suitable To Use For Hiring .. Personality Tests

According to research by Society for Human Resource Management, around 18% of companies are using personality tests as part of their recruiting process. The industry itself is worth around $500 million a year, with a rapid growth of 10% annually.

How To Manage Oneself For Success

The late Peter Drucker remains the management sage in the business world till today. His work has revolutionised business management, influencing leaders in organisations worldwide. In “Managing Oneself”, Peter Drucker reveals the simple truths in achieving success through a combination of strengths and self-knowledge.


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How To Manage Toxic Employees

We all know that one person – the one without anything nice to say, harrassess others and makes work life dreadful to all. Unfortunately, toxicity can spread like wildfire, directly or indirectly disrupting the organisation. Other than the possibility of winding up with more bad apples, organisations are more likely to lose 54 percent of good employees when they work with a toxic co-worker. So, what should you do when you have a toxic employee?